Vince Tampio Jazz Quartet, York Street Hustle ready for festival

PHOTO PROVIDED Philadelphia trumpet player Vince Tampio will be performing with the Vince Tampio Jazz Quartet from 3 to 4 p.m. Aug. 14 during the LH JAMS Festival.

LOCK HAVEN — You’ll have the chance to see one Philadelphia-based artist twice during LH JAMS on Saturday, Aug. 14.

Vince Tampio will be bringing a variety of jazz during performances with the Vince Tampio Jazz Quartet and York Street Hustle.

Tampio began formal trumpet lessons in elementary school and by the time he hit his teens, knew a career in music was for him.

“Music is challenging and rewarding; it takes preparation and flexibility; equal time spent isolated and exposed,” Tampio said. “Music is a dynamic career that encourages endless growth and constant reflection.”

Although he primarily plays trumpet, Tampio can also play other instruments such as electric bass, guitar, keyboard, percussion and the occasional vocals.

“I love playing music and switching instrumental roles/duties, but I most identify as a trumpet player,” he said.

Tampio brings his extensive trumpet experience to both his quartet and York Street Hustle.

“The formation of York Street Hustle was inspired by some of the fantastic street performers around Philadelphia,” Tampio said. “We aim to honor the energy and spirit of the music, which has proven timeless.”

Tampio joined the budding band a few years after they formed and has been with them for a decade.

York Street Hustle’s current line up is vocalists Imani Roach and Ryan Williams, guitarist and vocalist Doug O’Donnell, keyboardist Nate Gonzalez, bassist Brendan McGeehan, drummer Alec Meltzer, percussionist Zachary Kuzel, Tampio on trumpet and Hayden Write on tenor saxaphone and flute.

“Crowds can expect a soul machine let rip right in front of them,” Tampio said of the group’s upcoming performance. “Our arrangements are true to the orignial ’60s hits and deep cuts from Motown to Stax.”

Tampio said the band even wears matching suits during their performances to bring that classic feel.

“I hope the audience is ready to get out of their seats and move and groove to the music,” he said.

Many of Tampio’s bandmates in York Street Hustle will lend their talents in the quartet too.

“I’ve recorded and performed under my own name for nearly a decade. As an artist, I have always drawn from a wide variety of inspirations and consquently the make-up of the band shifts accordingly,” Tampio said.

The quartet is currently made up of York Street’s Roach on vocals, McGeehan on bass, Meltzer on drums, Wright on tenor sax and, of course, Tampio with his trumpet.

The quartet will be performing select jazz standards and some of Tampio’s originals as a chordless ensemble. “So no piano or guitar accopaniment,” he said. “It frees up the rest of the band to further explore harmony implied by melody.”

Tampio said his original songs are “informed by Hard Bop era jazz — the late ’50s-early ’60s.”

“I hope the audience is ready to witness that jazz is just as powerful as it was decades ago,” he continued.

This will be the first time both bands hit the stage during JAMS.

“We were originally approached early 2020 — pre-pandemic — but we had to decline the festival. We’re glad to be asked back this year,” Tampio said.

Catch the Vince Tampio Jazz Quinetet from 3 to 4 p.m. and York Street Hustle later in the evening from 6 to 8:30 p.m. during the LH JAMS Festival.


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