Virtual celebration honors U.S. Constitution

Constitution Day Centre Celebration will host virtual events from late August through October that will honor the 233th birthday of the world’s oldest active constitution, enacted in 1787.

Local residents and nonprofit organizations are highlighted in short videos that will be posted on the web site and social media on scheduled dates:

— Aug. 26: 100th anniversary of 19th Amendment giving the right to vote to women

— Sept. 17: Constitution Day celebrating 233th birthday

— Oct. 8: Voting Matters.

Educator Dr. Greg Ferro will present live Zoom talks on different Constituton topics. Admission is free, but registration is required.

— Sept. 9: U.S. Constitutional Amendments and Civil Rights

— Oct. 6: Presidents, Supreme Courts and the Constitution

— Oct. 26: Everything You Want To Know about the Constitution

“Everyone living in America is connected to the U.S. Constitution. Every right you have is literally or figuratively contained in the Constitution. It is America’s Rule Book. It is the foundation of American democracy and freedom,” Dr. Ferro says.

Keith Bierly, president of Constitution Day Centre Inc. board notes, “For the last 233 years, the U.S. Constitution has withstood stormy times, yet evolving to reflect a country different from the 1700s. Now more than ever, people must stand up and defend the U.S. Constitution.”

The annual Constitution Day Centre Celebration will return to Tussey Mountain in September 2021. The event has hosted over 40 exhibitors, keynote speakers, food vendors, and music performers since 2017.

The nonprofit board comprises Mary Watson, Margie Swoboda, Vicki Fong, John Kramer, Nancy Chiswick, David Hutchinson, Rick Garis, and Greg Ferro.

Learn more about the virtual Constitution celebrations at: www.constitutiondaycentre.org/ Follow Constitution Day Centre on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram


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