New business aims to promote Lock Haven and encourage creators

‘Create your legacy’

PHOTO PROVIDED Tommy “Arden” Burnell, center — owner of Mod570 — with his Managing Director David Kohen, left, and Executive Creative Director Lheandrew LA’Canete.

LOCK HAVEN — A unique business venture is taking place in Lock Haven.

Tommy Burnell, also known as Arden, created his company Mod570 in 2019 as a space to uplift artists, creators and entrepreneurs.

Two years later, he and his partners are operating a popular blog, made connections with a variety of creators throughout Pennsylvania and beyond, and are releasing their own clothing brand right here in Clinton County.

Mod570 will be holding a pop up event to launch the Protoype, its first line of clothing “for the modern creator” at the end of this month. To celebrate they are holding an event at Hoy’s Full Body Health and Fitness, 501 E. Walnut St., on Feb. 27 from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

This event will run in partnership with the gym, which is holding a weightlifting competition at 9 a.m.

“It’s our pop up, it’s a brand launch and it’s a collaboration,” Managing Director David Kohen said. “It’s equally Hoy’s as it is ours.”

During the launch, Mod570 will be holding a give away for some of their new clothing including a beanie, men’s and women’s joggers and hoodies.

The journey to get where Mod570 is now began with Arden’s music career.

“I started getting into music, probably around 2016, experimenting with my own production. It was on and off up until 2019. I was doing it all by myself and then I met my would-be business partner LA (Lheandrew LA’Canete), he’s based out of Lebanon,” Arden said.

LA, a photographer and creator, owns professional media and production agency LAPRINTS, and began working with Arden on his music.

“I met LA and I started working with him as a solo artist and he brought me into the industry, the music and the fashion industry,” Arden said. “I originally was going to do a music video with him, but I started investing a lot of time into Mod570.”

Since 2019, Arden, with the help of LA — his executive creative director — and Kohen have built on Arden’s vision with the help of fellow entreprenuers Annamarie Vasquez and Tyler Baughman.

“Mod570’s mission is to inspire those who want to create their dreams… whether that be an artist making music, opening up a local business or influencing the world,” Arden said.

Mod570 started with its blog which has showcased artists and creators from Lock Haven all the way to Philadelphia and New York City. It’s also spotlighted local businesses such as Momoyo Otsu, Skeleton Key Boutique, Texas Restaurant and Full Body Health and Fitness.

Kohen said the blog serves as a connector for local artists. “Anybody who has an idea or an artistship that they want to share with the world but they’re really not sure quite sure how to do that, we’re kind of the connector. We get the word out for them,” he said.

Arden and Kohen stressed how important Lock Haven and the surrounding area is to Mod570.

“We really want to bring value to Lock Haven in a different way,” Arden said.

“In our mission and vision it talks about how… yes we are doing business outside of Lock Haven, but Lock Haven is the roots of the business. We want that to come across in our work,” Kohen said.

Kohen noted that Mod570 will soon be offering marketing services as well.

“Somebody can come to us and say ‘this is my business, this is my budget, what can you do for me?’ And we are almost full service, from the point that they say that to us until their story comes out on our blog showcase,” he explained.

For anyone interested in using the company’s services, they can visit mod570.com and click on the “Our Partnerships” tab to learn more.


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