Sheriff’s office offers online License to Carry application and payment

LOCK HAVEN — The Clinton County Sheriff’s office is partnering with Permitium LLC to offer an optional way to apply and pay for your License to Carry Concealed (LTC) On Line.

Permitium, which is offered in many states throughout the country, is not new at this but they did indeed just tailor their application service system to become available in PA last summer, according to Clinton County Sheriff Kerry Stover.

“We quietly soft launched our site eight weeks ago on our Facebook page and through word of mouth when applicants called for instructions. It has been great for applicants and the sheriff’s office staff so going forward applicants wanting to apply online for a License to Carry may now do so anytime as I had it made permanently available on the county’s website, Stover said.

Here are the instructions:

“Go to www.clintoncountypa.com then, the simplest way is to hover the cursor over the tab, “I want to…” and a drop-down box will appear, on the left side of the drop down box find “Apply: For a License to Carry.” Or you can also hover the cursor over the “Government” tab and find the “Sheriff” page when the drop down appears then under the Sheriff page you will see the “New License to Carry” link on the lower left-hand portion of that page as well.

“Once you click on either Application Link, you will automatically be redirected to our new Clinton County Sheriff’s Office License to Carry Concealed Application page. Now you will see three options to choose from on the left-hand side of a page, a NEW License Application, a RENEW License Application or Replacement of Lost/Stolen License Application. Please select accordingly then read over the few required postings and a few LTC safety suggestions, clicking “Agree” at the bottom to move on. Now you are at the application page so simply follow the directions filling in all boxes marked with a red star and pink “required” within the box. Just a side note, the information required and the Yes or No questions asked are exactly the same things that are required if you chose to do the paper application. So, scroll down completing everything required and once you reach the bottom click “Complete Next Step” to move on. If you have made an error it will highlight the box areas that needs completed or corrected before you are able to continue.

“Once the application is completed, applicants will then have the ability to make the payment via credit/debit card. After we receive verification of payment, you will be notified by text message or email that the Clinton County Sheriff’s Office has received your LTC application.

“Then my office will review it and if completed properly, submit it to the Pennsylvania Instant Check System (PICS) for approval. Another note, this new process has not changed anything with PICS and how they approve or deny anything, the same criteria that applied before still applies now. So, if approved, the applicants will again be notified by the same methods that their LTC application has been approved and with this notice they will receive instructions on how to schedule an appointment to complete the process. Yes, we need this In-Person appointment to positively identify you, to obtain a current photograph and signature which are all still required as well.”

Stover said his office is aware that some individuals may not have access to a computer or a capable cell phone to apply and pay on-line, so they will continue to offer the same hand-written paper method going forward, too.

“I have been in the sheriff’s office for many years and knew even before I took over as sheriff more than five years ago that someday we would be offering this sort of service. So many people were coming in and wanting to pay via credit or debit card, which we couldn’t accept before this, thus causing the applicant to leave and return later with cash or a check to pay for the license.

“I am constantly looking at ways to better serve the community and conduct our business here in the office and here is another example of those efforts. By partnering with Permitium LLC, the application and payment process for the LTC is much more streamlined and convenient for you, the applicant. This on-line process allows applications to be submitted anytime day or night, weekends or even holidays. This process has also reduced the amount of time an individual spends inside the courthouse to about 3 to 4 minutes, which is important for Covid reasons but also reducing the amount of time you spend acquiring your license is important to me too, since your time is just as important as ours. Either way, we only stopped issuing licenses during this whole pandemic for two days last March while we relocated the computer system. This allows people to apply at their convenience. To further better serve people, I am planning a Saturday morning License to Carry event for those of you who cannot get in to see us on weekdays.

“Please know all of the information provided electronically or on paper regarding background checks required by the Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) through their PICS system is considered confidential and not subject to public disclosure as found in Title 37 PA Chapter 31 33.103. PSP-PICS, Permitium and the Sheriff’s Office staff are still forbidden from sharing any of your information, another thing that has not changed.

“I am proud to be one of over 15 Sheriff’s in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania who now provide this process to our residents. There are many more sheriff’s offices currently researching or getting ready to launch this system as well. As I said, I’m just looking for ways to make things a little better for all of us here in Clinton County.”


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