Jodun relocates, announces run in 15th District

Wade Jodun

From staff reports

In the wake of the recent Pennsylvania Supreme Court decision to draw new congressional districts, Wade Jodun, Democratic congressional candidate, announced that he will relocate to Patton Township and is now seeking the Democratic nomination in Pennsylvania’s newly minted 15th Congressional District.

With the re-drawing of district boundaries, Rep. Glenn “GT” Thompson, R-Howard, now represents the 15th District, which includes parts of Centre County as well as all of Cambria, Indiana, Elk, Jefferson, Armstrong, Warren, McKean, Clearfield, Cameron, Forest, Clarion and Venango counties and part of Butler County.

“We strongly support and applaud the decision by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to order the redrawing of the congressional district boundaries to ensure politicians can be held accountable by voters. Unfortunately, the lack of good-faith action by state legislators has resulted in the new boundaries being drawn only days before candidates need to circulate petitions,” said Jodun, who started campaigning in the former 5th Congressional District before the re-drawing of district boundaries.

Before his announcement, Jodun had said there was a possibility he would run in the new 12th District, currently represented by Rep. Tom Marino, R-Williamsport. That district now includes several counties that used to reside in the 5th District, like Clinton, Potter and Tioga counties and part of Centre County.

“We spent four months, traveled more than 4,000 miles, held 24 campaign events (including nine town halls) in counties like Clearfield, Clarion, Warren, Elk, McKean, Jefferson and Venango. We had a lot of hard-working people from these counties volunteer, make donations, pledge their support, and ask us to remain in the race,” Jodun said. “This isn’t a campaign about me; it’s a grass-roots movement about giving ordinary Americans a voice again and returning this democracy back to the people. We remain committed to doing that.”

New to politics, Jodun said he wants to hold all politicians accountable, regardless of party.

“We need representatives that will meet face-to-face with their constituents and tell them the truth, so voters can make informed decisions. It’s time we stop talking about Democrats and Republicans and start thinking about Americans,” he said.

“We’ve heard from people in this district who are living paycheck-to-paycheck, or even two paychecks behind. We’ve heard from people in this district who are struggling to pay for health insurance and people who want to be able to afford to send their kids to college,” he said. “They are tired of gridlock, partisan bickering, self-serving politicians, and finger-pointing. They want straight talk, common sense, and someone who will tackle issues head on. They don’t want words, hollow promises, or campaign talking points. They want real change. Today, the system is so rigged against hard-working men and women, that the chance for ordinary folks to live the American dream is disappearing.”

Formerly a biologist with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Jodun had a career that spanned more than two decades. He spent the first decade of his career stationed in Lamar, working with endangered Atlantic sturgeon. Jodun was also active in youth baseball for 15 years serving as both a coach and past president of Mill Hall Youth League.

A career public servant and a political outsider, Jodun said he is committed to standing up for the interests of the people.

“I’ll bring my insider’s knowledge of government, how it goes wrong, and where it’s broken, as well as new ideas and put them to work for you,” he said. “As a federal whistleblower, I stood up to do what was right and fought government corruption even when I knew it would hurt my own career, and I’ll show that same courage as I fight for what is best for the people of the 15th District.”

Jodun said his campaign is focused primarily on two core issues: weeding the corrupting influence of money out of politics and rebuilding the middle class.

“Americans are tired of politics as usual. They are tired of politicians putting their best interest ahead of what’s best for the country. They’re tired of politicians who go to Washington and become so absorbed in party politics that they forget about the people who elected them,” he said. “We need elected representatives who will be there when a veteran is struggling with the VA over their veterans benefits or when a local fire company is struggling with government red tape as they try to get a federal grant. The people deserve someone who they can talk to, someone who will listen to them, someone who will put their interest ahead of party politics. It’s time for a change.”