Renovo rowhouse residents’ appeals hearing to be held Wednesday

From Staff Reports

RENOVO — The residents of the 14th Street rowhouses, who appealed the September condemnation of their homes, will get their day in court next week.

A public hearing for the residents to present their case to the Renovo Board of Appeals is scheduled for 6 p.m. Wednesday at the borough building. If necessary, the hearing will be continued Thursday at 6 p.m.

The public hearing was delayed late last year to give a structural engineer time to complete a report and provide it to attorney Rocco Rosamilia, legal counsel for the eight residents of the rowhouses who appealed the condemnation.

In September, the rowhouses were deemed unsafe and condemned by Victor Marquardt, property ordinance officer and building code enforcement officer for Renovo.

Rowhouse residents and property owners who appealed the condemnation and are represented by Rosamilia include: Dawn Pagnotto, 133 14th St.; Michael and Brenda Hand, 141 14th St.; Ryan Mooney, 159 14th St.; Janean Mace, 163 14th St.; Marlin Horst,147 14th St.; Teresa Casper, 143 14th St.; Heather Wadsworth, 139 14th St.; Tim Teague and April Scott, 151 14th St., and Nancy Moriarity, 149 14th St.

In addition to Marquardt’s findings that the rowhouses are uninhabitable and unsafe, much of the borough’s case will center on the findings of a one-day search warrant in which structural engineer Jeff Brooks inspected the rowhouses.

Clinton County Judge Michael Salisbury remanded the eventual appeal and sent it back to the Renovo Board of Appeals after citing the International Property Maintenance Code. The three member board of Grieb, Glenn and Fletcher was created as a result.

Key players in the matter include the three-member board of appeals — Larry Glenn, Charles Grieb and Eric Fletcher; the 14th Street residents; Victor Marquardt, property ordinance officer and building code enforcement officer for Renovo who made the determination that the buildings were unsafe and condemned them, and structural engineer Jeff Brooks.


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