Couple takes patriotism into the classroom

The Terry Banfill family is making sure that all Keystone Central Schools and Lock Haven Catholic School have brand new American flags to start off the 2019-2020 school year.

Within the past couple of weeks, Sgt. Terry and Carmen Banfill have presented the Red, White and Blue banners to every school in the district. They are Dickey, Robb, Mill Hall, Woodward, Liberty Curtin, Sugar Valley Charter School, Lock Haven Catholic, Central Mountain Middle and High Schools, Renovo Elementary and Bucktail High School.

Besides presenting the flag, Sgt. Terry educated the students about the American flag, what it represents, how it should be treated, and defended with honor and respect. With over 225 flag presentations in over 20 years, the Banfills feel very dedicated to promote this patriotism with the young people. As one quote states, “Never let our enemies tear the flag down from its lofty position lest it never returns.”