Lycoming County has first COVID-19 case

From staff reports

WILLIAMSPORT — The Lycoming County Commissioners and Department of Public Safety have been notified by the Pennsylvania Department of Health and the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency of the first confirmed case of COVID-19 in Lycoming County.

“Our healthcare partners with the support of Lycoming County are following their pandemic plans and doing everything possible to fight the spread of the virus,” officials wrote in a prepared press release from the Lycoming County commissioners and Department of Public Safety.

“Please follow the Governor’s guidance and stay home as much as possible. Only travel if you must for life sustaining needs and avoid other people,” the release states.

Officials are instructing individuals diagnosed with COVID-19 and/or experiencing symptoms to self-quarantine in their own residence while staying in touch and following the instructions of their medical provider, to stay away from others as much as possible using separate rooms in the residence.

“If you must be around family, wear a face mask and avoid sharing household items; clean, disinfect, and wash hands often; monitor your symptoms and call ahead before visiting your medical provider,” officials say.

“We are aware of earlier un-confirmed reports being shared on social media. The Lycoming County Department of Public Safety staff are in 24/7 contact with our state agencies and will share any confirmed information as soon as it becomes available. Please stop the spread of rumors and only share confirmed information, which can be found at health.pa.gov or cdc.gov.” the release states.


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