Solid Waste Authority approves letter of intent

Possible project could produce natural gas at landfill

McELHATTAN– The Clinton County Solid Waste Authority met Wednesday evening and unanimously approved a Letter of Intent from MAS Energy Holdings, LLC regarding a proposed project.

The project will take all of the landfill gas recovered from the Wayne Township Landfill and convert it into pipeline-quality renewable natural gas.

MAS Energy and the SWA are still in negotiations for this proposed project but the letter of intent was approved. More information will come as the two businesses collaborate on the construction of this project, which will also be located at the landfill along Landfill Lane in Wayne Township.

In another business matter, the SWA also approved the second quarter Employee Incentive Plan with a 10 percent decrease in the incentive due to an employee injury on May 15.

According to the incentive questionnaire, the employee missed 25 days of work due to the injury which was a ruptured bicep tendon.

Additionally, National Renewable Energy Corporation also reached out to the SWA to look at 30 acres of land to construct a solar farm.

Jay Alexander, general manager, said that the landfill does not currently have 30 acres to use for this farm.

Alexander also said that in terms of finances, the SWA and the landfill had a “good month” with $1.4 million in revenues and $750,000 in expenses.

Members present included: Ernie Peterson, Jim Maguire, Jim Lovette, Terry Weaver, Fred Beury, Bill Kellannder, Linda Leonard and Jim Russo.

The next Clinton County Solid Waste Authority meeting will be held Wednesday, Sept. 9 at 6:30 p.m.


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