Shop-Vac issues termination letters Tuesday

WILLIAMSPORT — First-shift workers at Shop-Vac Corp. on Reach Road in the industrial park carried out letters of termination in their hands Tuesday.

Many walked somberly to their vehicles parked outside the factory that manufactures and sells vacuums worldwide.

Management declined to comment.

“It’s been 20 years,” woman carrying her desk items in a cardboard box said as she loaded the box into an SUV. “It’s going to be hard starting over.”

In the termination letter, a requirement under Department of Labor regulations, workers were informed the global COVID-19 pandemic and economic crisis has resulted in the company facing “dire financial conditions.”

Two employees with Blaise Alexander Family Dealerships were handing out notices informing the displaced workers they would be able to be interviewed and potentially find work at the vehicle dealership.

Shop Vac is considered to be the world leader in heavy-duty vacuums for consumer, commercial, and industrial applications, and pioneered the world’s first in-vehicle vacuum system. Best known for its wet/dry vacs, the company also manufactures motors, air movers, fans, blowers, trash cans and mop buckets.

Shop Vac has been a privately held company owned by the Miller family for more than 60 years. Felice A. Miller was appointed its first woman President & COO last year, replacing her father, Jonathan Miller, who will continues as chairman & CEO.

Felice, is the granddaughter of Shop Vac’s founder, Martin Miller.


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