Renovo man accused in stabbing Sunday morning

Victim hospitalized with 17 stab wounds

RENOVO — A fight in the parking lot of the Green Lantern in the early morning hours Sunday left one man hospitalized with 17 stab wounds, and a warrant issued for the arrest of another man on charges of aggravated assault.

The victim, Bradley Shearer, 37, of Renovo, is a patient at UPMC Williamsport with 17 stab wounds — 10 to the left leg and 7 to the left arm. He underwent surgery Sunday, according to state police at Lamar.

Although the hospital would not comment on his condition, Shearer seemed to be in fairly good spirits when he posted on Facebook Sunday night, thanking everyone for their love and support. “The stab wounds are right in the spot of my surgeries from the Army and I hope recovery goes smooth and my leg isn’t damaged for life. I’m going to be taking it day by day and get through this obstacle,” he wrote.

The accused is Shawn Michael Mills, 42, of North Bend, who allegedly stabbed Shearer with a knife, fired two shots from a handgun at Joshua L. Teague, and dragged Allan Hritzko and Justin Hillyer with his vehicle through the parking lot, state police said in the criminal complaint.

A warrant has been issued by District Judge John Maggs for Mills’ arrest. As of press time, he had not been picked up and arraigned, according to officials at the Clinton County Correctional Facility.

Mills is charged with two felony counts of aggravated assault, two counts of recklessly endangering another person and simple assault.

According to the criminal complaint:

On Sunday at approximately 1:30-2:30 a.m., police responded to the Green Lantern Bar at 19 Gratzmar Ave., Noyes Township for a report of a stabbing. While on scene, they received written statements from two witnesses, Joshua Teague and Justin Hillyer.

“Teague related that at around 1:30 a.m. the incident occurred. Teagle said that he saw Justin Hillyer running outside toward the front entrance. Teague said he ran out to follow and then witnessed Shawn Mills on top of Aaron Ransdorf. Teague said he and Justin split the fight up. Teague said he left Mills alone as Justin took Aaron inside the bar.

“Teague said that while outside Mills took a swing from behind him and another fight ensued between Teague and Mills. Teague said he hit him a few times and grabbed him to stop. Teague related that he went into the bar as others grabbed Mills. Teague said in the bar he heard Mills stabbed Brad Shearer. Teague said he ran outside and Brad was fading out from being stabbed. Teague related they took Brad to Bucktail Medical Center and Mills continued to circle the parking lot trying to fight. Teague said he chased Mills, trying to get him to stop. Teague said Mills then fired a gun twice as he and Justin ran back to the bar.

“Justin Hillyer said he saw Shawn Mills in an altercation with with someone. Hillyer related that he separated Mills. Hillyer said Mills said everything will be alright. Hillyer said he went back into the bar to see what was going on and when he went back outside, Mills and Shearer were in a scuffle. Hillyer said he got in between them and separated them and Mills got in his car. Hillyer said he asked Brad what is going on and Brad said, “I got stabbed.” Hillyer said the vehicle left to take Brad to Bucktail and moments later Mills pulled back around in his car, pulled in the parking lot and approached his vehicle. Hillyer said he asked what was going on and Mills door opened and he was talking to Mills along with Al Hritzko and he threw the car in reverse and drug him and Al across the parking lot. Hillyer said that Mills left toward Renovo. Hillyer related moments later, he returned and sat at the top of Gratzmer Avenue. Hillyer and Teague approached the vehicle and Mills fired two or three shots with a gun. Hillyer said we ran away from his vehicle and Mills left toward Renovo.

“Bradley Shearer was interviewed and said he was at the Green Lantern and was having drinks with friends and as he was about to leave with his friend Michael Blackwell there was a fight in the parking lot. Shearer said he tried to break up the fight and engaged in an alternation with Mills. Shearer said he fought with Mills on the ground for a brief period of time and he didn’t even feel when he was stabbed. He said when they were separated he stood up and his left leg felt warm. He said he looked down and saw all the blood. When he tried to walk, Shearer said he collapsed because of the stab wounds. He said he doesn’t think that anyone saw the stabbing because it was hectic in the parking lot during the fight.

“Blackwell said he was about to leave the bar when he heard that Brad was stabbed. He said he rushed over to Brad to help him get in his truck to get to the hospital. Blackwell said he saw what he believed to be a small Ford car speed backwards and dragging Justin Hillyer through the parking lock. Blackwell said when he saw the car come back he observed Mills was driving and fired two or three shots. Blackwell said he didn’t see if Mills shot at people or if the shots were in the air. He said that he was in the back seat with Brad and somebody drove them to Bucktail Medical Center.”


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