Renovo Energy Center project OK’d by DEP

RENOVO — The planned power plant in Renovo achieved a key milestone Thursday when the state Department of Environmental Resources approved a construction plan for the project.

DEP approved the plan and an amended air quality permit for the construction of the Renovo Energy Center LLC electric generating station, which is planned to be located in the former Pennsylvania railyards on property now owned primarily by Renovo Rail.

The project has been in the works for some seven years, and it is hopeful that demolition and construction can begin later this year. When construction reaches its peak on the estimated $850 million project, there could be more than 500 workers on site. It will take more than two years to build with about 25 permanent jobs. Bechtel Corporation is the developer for the project under the name Renovo Energy Center (REC) LLC.

Rick Franzese of REC thanked DEP for the successful completion of the review and issuance of the updated permit.

“The timing is fortuitous, as we are now in the critical project finalization phase, during which obtaining this permit was a key milestone,” said Franzese. “With this issuance and our other ongoing progress we remain optimistic that we can complete the remaining development activities such that the project can be financed and begin construction later this year. The entire DEP team has been very professional and responsive to the REC team during this process, and we appreciate the positive relationship we have developed over the years. We intend to carry that forward during construction and operation of this important project.”

Clinton County Economic Partnership President Mike Flanagan also thanked DEP for its assistance, and REC/Bechtel for its planned investment.

Flanagan noted the ongoing project support from Renovo Borough Council, the Clinton County Commissioners, Renovo Community Trade Association, State Rep. Stephanie Borowicz and State Sen. Cris Dush. He also thanked present property owners at this site including Renovo Rail and local businessman Bobby Maguire. Jersey Shore State Bank has also worked with all involved.

“We are getting closer to the finish line,” said Flanagan. “I can’t underestimate what this project will mean to the greater Renovo area, especially during construction, and the revenue the local taxing bodies will generate. A lot of people have put a lot of work into this project to get us this far, and the same direction rowing needs to continue.”

Franzese noted that crews will be on the site next week doing additional work.


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