Lamar Twp. establishes two committees

ROTE — Two new committees were recently created by Lamar Township’s board of supervisors.

The topic of establishing committees within Lamar Township has been discussed during the past two month’s supervisor meetings.

During May’s meeting, supervisors ran through several possible ideas for committees to establish. However, a lack of attendance by residents at the time made it difficult for supervisors to move forward with any motions on establishing any.

The committees they proposed back then were brought up during Tuesday’s meeting. The committees that were drafted included: A public safety committee that covers police, road and bridges, fire, safety prevention and possible crime watch; parks and recreation; ordinance that covers blighted property and nuisance property and code enforcement; youth education and events; and finance.

“At the last meeting, we were wondering how many do we really need? I think we have it narrowed down to a couple,” said supervisor Dan Chappell. “The first thing we need to do is to figure out what committees we really want to establish. We had it down to five.”

According to Chairman Wade Vonada, to proceed with forming a committee, there has to be discussion around the purpose of it, how many members the supervisors would like to appoint and then go through the list of potential appointees. Once all of those are in place and voted on, the supervisors will give it to the township’s solicitor, John Lhota, along with names of the appointees.

The supervisors were in agreement the parks and recreation committee and a safety committee would be important to have.

The proposed finance committee idea was scrapped as the board noted the township already has auditors to do the job. Chappell said he thought “it was all in the same.”

They also conjoined the proposed youth education committee idea in with parks and recreation.

“To me this is a way for more people to get involved. I know last month was pretty low attendance but here we are. We are not at 70 (residents) but people hear we are having good conversations. I think that’s where we should stay,” Chappell said.

The supervisors voted to establish a parks and recreation committee with five volunteers and a safety committee with three volunteers, for the time being. More committees such as an ordinance committee could be talked about and/or established in the future.

The township has already received applications of interest by residents both via physical application and online. Those applicants will be contacted by secretary Tracy Roberts about joining the committees.

In other business, Della Watson, president of the Bald Eagle and Nittany Valley Kiwanis Club, asked for permission to install a free little library at Long Run Park. Watson said the $400 library is weather proof and the Kiwanis would be responsible in keeping it stocked with books for all ages.

“This year, the Kiwanis Foundation of Pennsylvania actually put out a grant. I applied and got a free little library,” Watson said. “It would help with the ball games and things — kids can sit and read and give them something else to do.”

The supervisors approved the request unanimously.

“I am in favor of it. I think we need to talk about a location a little more first,” Vonada said.

The location of where the library will be in the park will be discussed once Watson receives it at the end of June.


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