Did God really say… ?

Did God really say… ? That particular question was asked early on in the Word of God. A question that the enemy of your soul asked Eve to test her knowledge of what was the actual instruction for her and Adam in the Garden of Paradise. As we all know, she responded with the wrong reply and all of our lives have been affected by that action.

So my questions to you are: How well do you know what God has said? And do you realize the effect on your life with the answer to the first question? When was the last time you actually read the manual for your life, the Bible? I am not referring to a book written by a Christian author or even the time you may have spent listening to the Word of God at a Sunday service. What others have studied is not going to give you the firm foundation you need for life’s challenges.

You need to know what was written by inspiration and said by God.

In today’s society it appears that there are many seeking your acceptance to what they believe.

Books, magazines, newspapers, and even social media are trying to convince you of what truth is. With all that input, you would think that the earth’s problems would be solved. Could it be, like Eve, they are giving the wrong answers?

I have seen many searching for what was written by the inspiration of God thousands of years ago.

In His word, God has given the answers to our concerns. He knew we would need wisdom to handle what we call life. He also knew we would say, like any child, “I can do it myself.”

We have even tried to completely replace our maker, our Father, our loving provider with what we feel is the right way of doing things. So how is that going for you? By eliminating God and His Word are all your needs met? Are you healthy, wealthy and wise?

Jesus said that there would be trials in this world but He overcame them for you.

What God said in His Word, the Bible, has been around longer than most of the well known books. It has given advice to many kings, leaders, teachers, moms and dads. Many have tried to disregard it and even destroy it but it has outlived them all.

Need help in your life? Find out what God said. Read the Bible and you will know what God really said.

— — — —

Finding Faith is written by area pastors. This week’s column comes from Joyce Bucknor of Kingdom of Life Ministries in Woolrich.


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