Cracking on with Christian life

Rev Taylor Camerer

Cracking on with the Christian Life.

Shaking the COVID off our feet.

Christians are, or should be, the pioneers of the new humanity which God is bringing into being through Christ, for they are already experiencing in themselves the renewal which God intends for all his creation.

Christ is not only the first born among a large family of brothers and sisters, but he is also in relation to mankind as a whole, “a second Adam.” In Christ, God made a new and fresh beginning and its success is assured by the victory which Christ “the second Adam” achieved over evil.

Those who are inspired by his Spirit and live in his way are the prototype of a new re-ordered humanity. But what happens when that re-ordered humanity is thrust into a pandemic?

COVID will rightfully be seen as a disaster by our local churches. Those who were more civic minded and closed first have done the worst; those who resisted the mandates have fared somewhat better.

COVID has been a mixture of good and bad and worse. COVID has kept us from the full measure of grief and sympathy at the loss of our loved ones. But we have also witnessed each of our fellowship’s first responders rally to the challenge of the pandemic. COVID has stunted the development of children of all ages. But they have shown a resiliency that we lack. COVID has destroyed clubs and gatherings in communities. But at Great Island someone was bold enough to start Scout Troop 711 last year and they are growing.

COVID has brought us to Longpath thinking, future thinking. COVID has handed our generation significant challenges. Other generations have had theirs. COVID has thrust broadcasting and simulcasts on our services. As I said, other generations have had theirs.

What are we to do?

— Invite a friend along to church.

— Get to know the folks that God has brought to us.

Every church has a few new souls. Great Island has since the start of the year, seven new members. Time to celebrate!

— Keep an open heart towards his Word and Table.

— Don’t forsake meeting together as some have done.

And remember there is a divine treasure in the body of Christ, and it is contained in the earthen vessel of human frailty and imperfection. Each of us has an “as-is” tag!

Don’t be surprised if we are found to have feet of clay. We’re all made of clay.

We have this treasure in clay jars so that it may be made clear that this extraordinary power belongs to God and not to us (2 Corinthians 4:7).

— — — —

Finding Faith is written by area pastors. This week’s column comes from Pastor Taylor Camerer of Great Island Presbyterian Church in Lock Haven.


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