We have a God of second chances


It has been very dry in the West Branch Valley recently. Maybe you have noticed that some farmers had begun to irrigate their fields — I say “had begun” because as I write this a gentle rain is falling in Lock Haven. We had a soaking rain a few nights ago as well.

When it’s dry and hard, a thunderstorm downpour is less helpful, because it will hit the ground and carry off rather than soak in.

Mostly what you see planted in our area is corn and soybeans. Both react differently to drought. Both stop growing, of course, but the corn does not make up for the lost growth as readily. What I mean is, the potential yield is lost and cannot be regained by growth later in the fall. Soybeans however can “make up” for a dry summer and with rain in the fall, can put up a growth spurt and finish with a great yield for the year.

Thankfully, we humans are designed more like beans than corn!

We have a God of second chances, and we can change our direction, our path and our destiny. People can and do change — even late in life — with humility and a teachable nature.

We can lose our footing in life, and look back with regret; and yet, through the transforming power of the gospel, reframe our circumstances with freedom and grace.

And how does God strengthen you, (Paracleates) come alongside and encourage/reframe your circumstances?

This is the Holy work of the Holy Spirit of revelation.

— The greatness of Jesus is his inexhaustibleness

— No man has ever grasped all that Jesus came to say.

It is the Spirit that teaches all things. Revelation comes to us, not from any book, or creed, or printed word. You’re at your best with the ‘Word’ in your heart.

Revelation comes to us through a living person. The nearer we live holy to Jesus, the better we will know him. The more we become holy like him, the more he will be able to tell us.

Why can we be deaf to the Spirit?

To enjoy his revelation we must accept his mastery. Submission to Christ and knowledge of Christ go hand in hand.

I know that many of us have challenges this week — the heat has returned this week — so put your own roots down deep and take the time each day to sit in silence with the Lord, to soak up his grace and nature and to walk refreshed and new.

— ——–

Finding Faith is written by area pastors. This week’s column comes from Pastor Taylor Camerer of Great Island Presbyterian Church, Lock Haven.


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