Struggling with online learning — Be patient

PHOTO BY AVERY HEVERLY Online learning brings many of its own challenges.

Everybody knows as of late that, due to the coronavirus pandemic, schools are shutting down and students are forced to resort to online learning for the rest of the school year. So many parents might be asking, “How can I help my kids along with aiding their teachers to ensure my child is getting the education they need for the future?”

Well parents, the answer is simple: communication.

During these hard times, it’s important that we keep the line of communication between teachers and parents open even if we must stay home. Online learning can be tough, especially when students are so used to being in school and having their teachers around to help them. It requires a lot of personal discipline and motivation, so keeping up with assignments may prove to be difficult for students who have only ever attended traditional classes, finding it hard to concentrate on what they are doing, causing them to fall behind. However, it’s not all bad, there are some pros to it.

Now that students are doing online school, they are able to have a more flexible learning schedule that best fits their needs, and are able to study at their own pace. Not only that, but students are also able to access Zoom or Google Hangouts to get one-on-one assistance from their teachers if they so choose.

Mr. Eiswerth comments on online learning. “It is an excellent opportunity to provide flexibility for students who take courses asynchronous (when there is no set time or place to learn).” However it also provides a challenge for teachers because most teachers are accustomed to face-to-face instant responses in order to check for student understanding. I think that online learning during the pandemic gives online learning in general a bad rep because ‘regular’ online learning looks a lot different due to teachers and students are better prepared for it, and online classes during the pandemic do not necessarily equate to a regular class.”

He then continues on to say, “Students who are struggling with online learning should do the best they can to be patient with the process. They should ask the teacher questions and take advantage of the opportunity to meet with them on Zoom or Google to get the same one-on-one assistance they get in the classroom.”

As of right now, though things seem hard, whether it be with school or not, it’s important that as a community that we stick together and try to see the positive side during these hard times. Although students may not be getting the interaction with their peers and teachers that they normally would, all that matters is that they tried their best. This is a new process for everyone who hasn’t dealt with online schooling before. So to students who are struggling, don’t give up yet, because in the end the work and effort you put in will be worth it!


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