City imposes moratorium due to higher COVID cases

The City of Lock Haven, via Manager Greg Wilson, has issued the following statement, with all directives effective today, Sept. 22, 2020:

The City of Lock Haven’s COVID-19 incidence rate has climbed to its highest point to date, 143.98 per 100,000 excluding Lock Haven University students who have tested positive, which are reported separate from the other residents of the city’s zip code. Including LHUs new incidences reported today, the city’s incidence rate is 458.59/100,000. Anything above 100/100,000 is considered a high-risk infection area by the CDC.

For that reason, there will be a moratorium instituted tomorrow cancelling any event in any city park, including play in ball fields. The Pedestrian Mall will not permitted to have outdoor entertainment (do not place the “stage.”) While the Ped Mall can continue to enhance social distancing and ensure that shops and restaurants can find solutions to eliminate inside congestion, no outdoor music or other entertainment should take place in the Ped Mall area other than shopping/dining.

City employees who are able should continue to work from home as feasible or reduce on-site hours to operations to eliminate the opportunity for overlap and contact with other employees. This will be in effect for at least the next 2 weeks.


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