More Route 220 safety initiatives are welcomed

Did you know that more than 24,000 vehicles travel the Route 220 corridor between Linden and Jersey Shore every day?


We expect many are work and school commuters.

Many are local.

Many also are pass-through travelers.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation has made various safety improvements along the corridor over the years.

This section of highway is not limited access.

Part of its challenge is the many, many roads and driveways that directly access this corridor between the West Fourth Street and Route 287 access points.

In some sections it is divided road.

In some, it is not.

Speed limits go up and down.

Meanwhile, there have been horrific traffic accidents on the corridor resulting in death.

A 2016 news report indicated there had been 77 deaths along that stretch of road.

We don’t doubt it, having documented fatality after fatality along that heavily traveled road. More than 24,000 vehicles travel this highway daily, according to the state Department of Transportation.

So while improvements have been made, more can be made.

Now, a long-awaited Route 220 safety corridor project is planned for this summer. Township residents have concerns.

They also have an opportunity to speak with PennDOT officials next month at the project field office at the former Gem Drive-In movie theater property.

It is there that PennDOT will give an overview of the $41 million project during a public meeting at 6 p.m. March 9.

Certainly, there will be disruptions to traffic over this heavily traveled highway during the course of the project.

We would hope the disruptions will be received with patience and an understanding of the need to take certain steps to make the highway safer.

The historical perspective shows us that driving Route 220 requires caution due to the high traffic volume, multiple access points and varying speed limits.

Tragic news often happens in an instant, and we would like very much for there to be less of that.