‘Harden not your heart’

Facts, not fear.

That must be our collective mindset and approach amid these trying times as our nation faces the spread of the coronavirus, or COVID-19.

Yes, these are trying times.

But by working together and showing compassion for one another, we will persevere.

Indeed, the virus spread is testing our collective will to work together to stop this disease and to find a treatment for it.

We’re sure you’ve seen on TV and on social media video of people fighting in the aisles of grocery stores over toilet paper, sanitizer and other health-care and cleaning products.

Those people represent fear.

Please, show more character than that.

Be honorable.

Use common sense.

Buy only what you would normally purchase for your family and household.

Don’t buy ridiculous amounts of items that other people truly need.

Keep in mind, as Dr. Deborah Birx, President Trump’s coronavirus response team coordinator, said on Sunday, as more tests are made available it’s likely we will see a spike in the number of people infected.

While that’s not a good thing, it’s a key part of the fight to get a handle on just where the virus lurks.

And all of this social distancing? Good public policy in the battle against COVID-19 is to restrict human contact for (hopefully) a temporary period.

When this scourge is controlled — and a treatment is found — we know America will be better for it … that our government and the private sector will be more prepared and effective in dealing with future epidemics .

And to the national TV media: Please, in reporting the latest about the virus, talk to people who deal in facts, common sense, and who urge calm and compassion.

“Harden not your heart,” the priest and deacon at the local Catholic church told members of their congregations on Sunday.

Rev. John Orr and Deacon Philip Gibson also urged parishioners to “keep charity in mind.”

“Fear does terrible things to people. Use common sense. Pray for those who truly are struggling,” Father Orr said.


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