Stand your distance in store lines

Grocery stores, department and hardware stores and other outlets selling essential goods have adapted their practices in keeping with the social distancing prescription that is a big part of fighting the coronavirus public health crisis.

But they cannot do it alone.

The shopping public must be big participants in this effort.

It is very unfortunate that the public has not fully adapted.

Go into any grocery store in the region and you’ll likely observe checkout lines with people waiting within the prescribed 6-foot distance of one another.

You may observe couples shopping together.

You may even see groups standing together talking — stores long have doubled as social places where people enjoy “bumping into” others they know and taking a moment to catch up with each other’s lives.

Save it for later, folks.

Leave the family at home and designate one person to do the shopping.

Listen to the person on the store intercom advising social distancing and reminding you to use the hand sanitizer made available at the doors.

Avoid the temptation to go to the store because you’re feeling confined at home and just need to get out.

Try the backyard.

Soak up the sunshine of spring on days when it’s available.

But keep your distance.

And keep your distance in the stores. It’s much more than a simple courtesy — it’s a way to prevent the spread.

Look, you cannot see it, but you have to acknowledge that it’s out there — that it’s possibly here.

The numbers being released daily by the state indicate it is getting ever nearer.

So do your part — stay home!

Better to deal with it in solitude than to find yourself or your loved ones hit hard by this devastating disease.


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