Education always started in the home

For millions of American students, public schools were closed a few weeks ago and now, they won’t reopen this semester.

School has been wherever a quiet place could be found in the home.

For most, class starts when they and their parents decide it will.

That simply will not work for many children.

There is a reason we still send the youngsters off to school every weekday.

Regular, personal contact with professional educators is important.

Educators have been conscientious and creative in coming up with ways to continue the learning process at home.

Teachers are sending packets home.

Districts have set up online initiatives, providing kids with Chromebooks, iPads or what are called Hotspots.

Public schools are essentially required to provide students with the resources they need.

But rural areas struggle more because of a lack of internet access.

And especially for special-needs students, there is no substitute for face time with professionals.

That makes it all the more important for parents and guardians to be engaged in the education process.

While classes are being held online, for example, educators can make up for some lack of participation by parents and guardians.

Even then, with students in front of them every day, doing so can be a challenge.

Ask any teacher which students come from homes where parents are actively involved, and there will be no hesitation in answering.

Now, however, teachers have no choice.

As much as they may insist assigned work be completed, it is up to the adults in a home to ensure that students do not simply forget about school while the buildings are closed.

We realize that to an extent, we are “preaching to the choir.”

If you are reading the newspaper, there is an excellent chance you already are doing all you can to keep your children up to speed on school work.

If you are not, get with it.

Education is important — wherever classes are in session.

And education always starts in the home.

In a very real sense, school is not out for the summer.


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