Happy Mother’s Day

My wife told me that, if a woman were leading our country, the response to this pandemic and efforts to slow its spread would be much better.

I agreed … and not just because I want a “happy wife, happy life.”

It is Mother’s Day Weekend 2020, a time to honor and appreciate the mothers in our lives.

I’ll take that a step further: We should celebrate the women in our lives.

Women, I believe, have better capacity for caregiving, more emotional focus, compassion and — yes, patience.

But those life-giving traits are more realized … are stronger and more impactful when men welcome and give priority to the women in their lives.

(Yeah, I guess you could say I’m also wanting to call this holiday “Wife’s Day.”)

I read an article recently titled, “Women deserve respect, love and care for humanity to bloom.”

I believe that, truly.

Want a strong, enduring relationship with your wife?

Work for it.

Fight for it.

Sacrifice for it.

Mother, girlfriend, wife, spouse, partner … whatever.

This holiday is for us men to remember that our lives are truly enriched by the women in our lives.

Happy Women’s … er Mother’s Day!


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