Protocol essential as more businesses open their doors

Be careful out there.

Don’t throw caution to the wind and please don’t use the argument that your “individual freedoms” or “constitutional rights” are being violated when you’re asked by a business or public institution to wear a mask.

Wearing a mask (if your health allows) amid a pandemic that has taken more than 100,000 American lives in just three months isn’t about freedom; it’s about keeping people — including our blessed front-line health care workers — safe.

Clinton and Lycoming counties remain in the “yellow” phase until June 5 and while there are justifiable reasons they should already be in the “green” phase, that phase still requires businesses to use smart caution to protect customers and the general public. We have not yet won the battle against COVID-19 so it is not “back to normal.”

The past 12 weeks have been about “flattening the curve” to enable our health care systems to be able to properly care for, protect and heal people.

We certainly understand the urge to get out and about and we need to do just that.

We are social creatures, after all.

Still, we must continue to be careful while getting on with life and business.

And we emphasize the latter: Business. Many are struggling. Some are closing for good; others face that prospect.

We know. We’ve heard from them.

Please, patronize local businesses.

NOW is the time and when we all go “green,” which is next Friday.

Local businesses’ depend on you and you depend on them for products and services you like and need.

Local businesses are the lifeblood of local economies.

None of us can afford to sit idly by and watch the coronavirus kill others and the economy.

We must have the courage and awareness to safely venture out into a world where we are able to earn a living, provide for our families, pay our bills and carry on.

Let’s do it intelligently … and together.

Make sure to check the front door of businesses for any policies before you enter.

Wear a mask when asked.

Maintain distance.

And please do one more thing: Be kind to one another.


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