Congratulations seniors!

You can be the change we all need

or many of our cherished high school graduates, 2020 will go down as the lost year.

School ended prematurely due to the pandemic, and with it went proms, award, baccalaureate and graduation ceremonies and more.

You know, those end-of-school-year days when you really think about the next chapter in your life.

Backyard graduation parties were put off or downsized.

Many seniors probably couldn’t even enjoy the company of their grandparents for fear of the virus.

It’s safe to say this has been a somber year for our future leaders.

And so while our natural instincts are to console and comfort our graduates, we also want to encourage … to enliven … to energize and to excite our young people to create opportunity amid misfortune.

The world needs changed, and you can help make that change.

For yourselves.

For those you love.

It starts with a spirit … a spirit that finds the joy in life and uses that joy to make a difference.

You can have impact.

Hard work comes next … and that includes getting back up every time you fall down.

Every time.


Hold on.


Keep going.

Go until you accomplish and realize your dreams.

That realization may come in pieces, that is, study and education, jobs and work you don’t totally enjoy but that teach you about what hard work really means and what it takes to keep climbing higher so that you love what you do and that you make a difference.

Create goals for your life.

Build love.

Build family.

And yes, build wealth and pay it forward.

Keep joy in your heart.

Keep and grow your faith.

Base your decisions on what’s right, not what’s correct.

Stand your ground on your principles and values.

Take the lemons you’ve been dealt and make great lemonade.

Use the gloom to bring light into your life.

We’re thinking of you.

We adults need you more than ever because you are our hope for better days ahead.


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