We all need answers … and solutions

For many of us, COVID-19 may seem like a bad dream even though it is far from stamped out in our country.

One aspect of recovery — placing blame — is well along.

But recriminations that were common during the height of the epidemic are trailing off.

That should not happen.

Learning what went wrong — more particularly, who all was asleep at the switch during the pandemic’s early days — needs to continue.

We have known for some time that the World Health Organization failed, and so has our own federal government as it tip-toes around the critical need of ramping up testing and having an extensive strategy for combatting COVID-19 this coming winter.

WHO officials waited until COVID-19 had begun spreading out of China to declare a global health emergency.

By then, such a warning was too late.

And during the first several weeks of the outbreak in China, WHO insisted COVID-19 was not as communicable as normal influenza.

We learned quickly that was terribly wrong, just as our own federal health officials kept contradicting themselves about the effectiveness of wearing masks to prevent the virus from spreading.

Investigations of what could have been done better are imperative.

Can WHO be relied upon in the future?

What steps could have been taken and when to limit this virus in our own country, where our sunbelt states face renewed crisis due to a lack of action?

We need answers, and we certainly need solutions to ridding ourselves of this deadly enemy that just won’t go away.


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