The clock is ticking

We’re here to say that, unless restrictions on businesses — small businesses — are eased in the coming days, many likely may not be around much longer.

Already financially fragile, the pandemic caused “massive dislocation” among small businesses just several weeks after its onset and before the availability of federal help through the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act.

Indeed, in-depth research by the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) that included a survey of nearly 6,000 small businesses found that 43% of businesses had temporarily closed not long after the onset of the coronavirus.

Fast-forward to today and, in the case of Pennsylvania with the restrictions enacted in early July after a “green” phase “reopening,” many businesses have closed, while others remain “temporarily” closed and/or are operating on much-reduced hours.

In trying to find that balance between keeping people safe from the virus and keeping food on the table, we certainly acknowledge the enormous challenges our elected leaders face when devising “guidelines,” “recommendations” and “mandates” to deal with COVID-19.

But as times goes on and without a “vaccine,” it is time that We the People are given more credit and the opportunity to deal with and fight this enemy by being smart — collectively, of course– with good hygiene, wearing masks and distancing.

No, this isn’t about freedom or religious beliefs, it’s about enforcing more individual accountability and responsibility to defeat something that’s far bigger than anyone person.

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf needs to go back to making decisions on restrictions based on region and county so that local residents and officials are masters of their future.

And we certainly need more available testing.

Yes, easy to say.

But here we are a half year into dealing with this virus and there’s no end in sight.

The cure cannot be worse than the disease.


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