Help wanted; Help needed

How about rotating the Pedestrian Mall throughout targeted areas within the business district of the City of Lock Haven to help those businesses not on or along Main Street?

Ask area farm markets the best day they can come downtown to sell their produce and wares– a day when their business is otherwise slow?

Move outdoor concerts to other intersections in the city instead of just Main and Grove.

Meet as frequently as reasonable with businesses through Downtown Lock Haven Inc. to keep the dialogue open and ideas flowing on how businesses can sustain and survive the slowdown due to the pandemic.

Also, how about grant funding — or loans that can be fully forgiven — to small businesses to help them create or expand outdoor dining or outdoor space for sales and selling?

With COVID-19, outdoor is the future, isn’t it?

All of the above are some of the ideas submitted through the city’s survey of businesses that is ongoing.

There is communication by businesses outside of the two-block pedestrian mall on Main Street between Jay and Vesper who are not pleased with being left out.

What can be done to help them help themselves?

This clearly is a time when businesses must think outside the box and work to re-invent themselves amid restrictions and, frankly, fear by patrons to go out and shop and dine.

We’re all in this together and we must find new ways — new solutions — together.

Keeping communication open, considering ideas and working toward new ways to do business and bring customers and cash flow back must continue.


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