We the People need to make term limits a reality

We firmly believe in term limits for public office at the state and federal levels and believe such a change will have a very positive impact.

“We the People” seem to have lost the power granted to us by our Founding Fathers.




These are what politicians crave.

And these are exactly what career politicians gain, sometimes at the heavy expense of “We the People.”

Due to campaign finance laws and the enormous task of raising ungodly amounts of money, many incumbents have little to worry about when it comes time for re-election.

At the state and federal levels, they have thousands or millions of dollars of cash on hand at any given time sitting in their campaign account, and outside groups like super PACs and independent expenditure groups are ready to spend millions to keep their incumbent in office.

They become entrenched in our political system

To be blunt, “We the People” are pretty stupid for allowing this imbalanced, unfair system of election to continue.

These politicians get in office and they’re the ones who decide the issues.

So why would they vote for term limits?

Why aren’t ballot referendums asking voters their opinions on term limits more easily to get on election ballots.

Why are voters so lazy and apathetic about the issue?

We remember a time when the the state Legislature and Congress worked across the political aisles to address the very challenging issues facing our state and nation.

And here we are in the midst of a pandemic where more than 210,000 people have died and they can hardly talk about it, let alone come up with a cohesive national strategy.

Our representatives at the state and federal levels would rather blame each other than finding real solutions.

Entrenched politicians have been steering the ship of state for decades.

They are a big part of the reason a pandemic was able to ravage our nation and our way of life.

They are the reason our national debt is creeping toward $25 trillion.

Yes, it’s time for change.

We the People need to make that change by petitioning for a ballot referendem for term limits at the state and national levels of government.

This system will not be fixed by those who broke it.

We the People have to fix it.


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