Doing the right things

We implore our public and private educators at all levels to take extra special precaution to prevent the spread of COVID-19 as numbers in our state rise at a rather significant pace.

We understand the precautionary approach the Keystone Central School District is taking, for example, by going to virtual learning and then extending that through the Thanksgiving Day Holiday break.

It’s anyone’s guess when students will — or should — return, what with rising cases among young people.

But what none of us should be guessing about is how to be safe to prevent the virus spread.

Teachers nuture our kids; they protect our kids, too.

Thus, they play a very significant and precious role in the lives of our children … our families.

Amid COVID, they must be extraordinarily cautious.

And it certainly is a time to be cautious, to wear a mask and frequently wash your hands.

And yes, it’s time to limit large gatherings.

We cannot get through and get over this virus mess until all of us do the right things.


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