So what are we collectively going to do?

The phone rings and its your child’s teacher, or your boss, or a family member or friend you just had lunch with.

They or someone they were with tested positive for COVID-19, they tell you.

Sadness and frustration sets in.

Confusion … and panic.

This is happening all across our area, our state and our nation … and increasingly so these days.

Health is put at risk.

The ability to work — and as a result your job — are put at risk.

Where can you get tested?

Who do you call?

What will it cost?

Our politicians can rail all they want against restrictions and lockdowns, but this is the reality and much is at stake. Same goes for those who refuse to wear a mask.

This is real, folks.

God forbid we all agree on something.

Why aren’t there more COVID telephone hotlines for people to call to get answers?

Here is one: 1-877-724-3258, or 1-877-PA-HEALTH.

Why aren’t there more local testing sites?

Why at one place does it take 2 to 3 days to get test results back, while at another it’s 24 hours?

Open up this school.

Employ a hybrid instruction model here.

Shut down this school.

Play this sport, but not that one.

Months into this pandemic and we still see no semblance of a unified national strategy to deal with this virus.

It feels like every state and community is one its own.

Oh, you’re just watching too much TV, we’re told. No, this is happening … and now nearly every day.

We are experiencing it.

We are supposedly the most powerful nation in the world.

What are we going to do, America?


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