The gift the virus gives us

any of us may not spend Thanksgiving Day 2020 with familiy and friends out of precaution of catching or spreading COVID-19.

If this monstrous virus is telling us anything it’s that it is time to look inside your heart and give thanks for who and what you have in your life.

How angry many of us are of being robbed of the various things we enjoy in life — and take for granted — as COVID-19 forces restrictions of all kinds.

Sadly, many people get and express anger at these restrictions when, in our humble opinion, those elected officials who impose the recommendations are trying to figure out how to protect lives.

“Oh,” many people tell us, “I can’t wait for 2020 to be over.”

Well, think again people because this scourge is going to be around for a while.

We encourage all to think about Thanksgiving this way: A time to connect with people you care about more consistently … more deeply.

Whether through a phone call, Zoom, video chat or FaceTime or whatever, make and take the time to be with those who need you … and who you need.

Focus also on the things you may regard as important to your wellbeing and family but that are pushed to the side over and over again.

Quality time with the kids.

Walks or bike rides amid nature.

Reading a good book.

Cooking tasty meals.

Watching a good movie.

Doing puzzles.

Whatever you do, find and enjoy the calm.

Now is a good time to evaluate your routine and habits.

Write more.

Read more.

Pray more.

The virus reminds us of the gift of time.

Use it wisely.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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