A shot in the arm

It is true that the COVID-19 vaccine is only as good as the number of people who take it.

Keep that in mind.

You want to see your family and friends?

Get the shot when it becomes available.

You want to get back to work?

Get the shot when it becomes available.

You want to gradually return to the “normal” life you had before the virus?

Get the shot when it becomes available.

It’s been challenging to find sustained joy during this bleak 2020.

But we can feel some sense of relief as the coronavirus vaccine begins to slowly make its way through our beleaguered society, starting with front-line health care workers, the elderly and so on.

Tests show the vaccine to be pretty darn effective.

Historically, vaccines bring immunity from serious diseases to humans and take a long, long time to be proven.

That’s why having the COVID-19 vaccine in just 10 months is a monumental scientific and medical achievement.

What has been another achievement, but less impressive in our view, are the various COVID-19 tests.

One test takes 7 days to get results.

Another takes 48 hours.

Another is “rapid,” meaning immediate.

And yes, there are instances where one test comes back negative, but the person still doesn’t feel well — their symptoms vary — and gets a subsequent rapid test and it says “positive.”

Is that a false-positive?

Why aren’t all of the tests full proof?

These are questions only the medical professionals and scientists can answer.

Back to the vaccine.

It is imperative that public health officials and political leaders instill confidence in the public that the vaccine is safe.

There must also be a widespread understanding among people that knocking down the disease is crucial to economic recovery and the restoration of community businesses and institutions.

It will take several months for the vaccine to be available across our region.

When it is, we implore people to participate.

The little shot in the arm you receive will help provide a huge shot in the arm for our businesses and our communities, not to mention our individual and collective mental and physical wellbeing.

Help yourselves, your families and everyone around you.

Please, get the shot.


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