Good riddance to 2020

We can only hope and pray that 2021will be a much, much better year than 2020.

Eventually, anyway.

It certainly won’t start out well, what with this God-forsaken pandemic stealing what we cherish.

Let’s insist that our government leaders stop crying about most everything, get a handle on this pandemic and, moreover, work to prevent it from ever happening again.

Of course, we’re not confident that will happen unless there is much more respect, cooperation and agreement on establishing methods to combat future pandemics.

Our divisive politics continue to hurt — if not destroy — us.

They damage our ability to work together to find solutions beneficial to us all.

We blame social media for abandoning us by allowing unfettered BS to permeate the airways.

The social media BS poisons the minds of the vulnerable who spread the poison to others, eating away at our unity and harmony.

Social media has no limits, no boundaries and no one seems to give a crap.

There are few ramifications when they allow lies and vulgarity to be posted and spewed as filth.

Social media is held to a different standard, or should I say no standard.

We also blame the national television media for caring more about ratings than reporting objective news.

Alas, we rant … a reflection of our inability to get over 2020 and separate ourselves from a year in which there was so much negative energy.

We’re supposedly the most powerful nation on earth yet we couldn’t stem, nor stop the significant and continuing spread of a deadly virus.

We weren’t even prepared for it.

The United States of America has a lot to prove in 2021 and beyond.

So what are we learning and what will we change?


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