Loss of Bucktail Medical Center staff to virus sad … sobering

We offer heartfelt praise and prayers to Bucktail Medical Center in rural western Clinton County, where the National Guard has come to help fight COVID-19.

Of the 24 infected Bucktail residents, three have died due to COVID-19 related complications, its CEO said.

In addition to the residents, 17 staff members tested positive.

While most have returned to work, two were hospitalized.

One has died.

This God-foresaken virus is taking so much from us all.

Vaccines cannot come quick enough.

In honor of the staff member who passed, The Express would like to purchase three Hometown Hero Banners in this person’s name.

We hope to hang one banner in BMC.

We hope to hang another in downtown Renovo.

A third would be hung in downtown Lock Haven.

This is the least we can do.

Praise and prayers to ALL front-line health care workers locally, regionally, statewide and nationally who sacrifice and suffer with such great courage and empathy for their fellow citizens.

Praise and prayers to those health-care workers who are sick, got sick and are recovering.

“Employees have been remarkable,” Tim Reeves, BMC’s CEO, said.

Further, the center is “extremely grateful for the assistance the (National Guard) provided, helping us manage the initial outbreak.”

Bucktail Medical Center is a small but critical-care hospital and nursing home serving one of the proudest communities we know.

Prayers and peace to those Bucktail residents — and those at all of our nursing facilities — who have lost their battle to the virus … and to their loved ones.

God Bless you all.


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