Praise to the giver: Our local community foundation

Charitable is one among many joyful and cheerful words that come to mind when thinking of the Clinton County Community Foundation Inc. (CCCF).

The CCCF is certainly well known to many Clinton Countians through its support of and funding to a multitude of programs, agencies, initiatives … people.

Communities with strong, public trust foundations are better off because of them.

Because of the volunteers who guide them.

And importantly, because of the people and institutions that support their local nonprofit foundations with financial gifts or bequests.

This week, the CCCF board announced the award of just under $297,000 in grants to various organizations and institutions whose missions and work are for the betterment and safety of us all.

In 2020, the annual grant allocation totaled just under $265,000.

In 2019, it was $220,000.

In 2018, it was about $288,000.

In between all of those have been special grant awards to meet the arising needs of our communities … of our residents, from the very “senior” to the very young.

It is not an exaggeration by any means to say the CCCF’s contributions have improved and saved lives.

From fire companies to education programs and organizations, to local governments and business and economic development groups, to youth groups, libraries, to agencies serving the elderly and to pure charities, the community foundation has touched so many and is open to most who apply for funding.

Indeed, each year the total amount of money requested of the foundation far exceeds its ability to give as it works feverishly to manage its financial assets as good stewards of the community do.

As the CCCF congratulates the many people who seek its assistance to help others, we congratulate the foundation for its continued stewardship of our communities, its residents and the institutions we all value.

The foundation began with the kindness of local citizen Jean Sharp Rempe, a records librarian at Lock Haven Hospital. She gave $43,000 in memory of her late husband, Robert, to inaugurate the foundation.

Since then many residents have echoed Jean’s benevolence through generous donations so that now this institution has over $7.5 million in total assets.

It’s online at www.clintoncountyfoundation.org where you can learn more about how to help the foundation continue to be “a positive force for the future.”


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