There are two kinds of hate

There are two kinds of hate, a local priest reminded their congregation after the Jan. 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol.

One kind makes you — and those around you — angry and miserable.

The other kind harms other people.

We want none of it, and so should you.

The horrific attack on Congress last week stands as a sad realization that the divisiveness many of us see on social media, on mainstream television and from our politicians is damaging — nay, destroying our democracy … our nation.

Here at your community newspaper, we read in disbelief some of the communication that comes our way.

We can’t fathom how the opinions are so opposite to what — and who — we all watched break down barriers, attack police officers and vandalize the seat of Democracy.

Please don’t hate.

Please don’t be gullible to hate.

Please don’t let it consume you.

Our challenges are not that heavy that we can’t find compromise, a solution — peace and harmony — by respecting each other and working together.


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