Schools can reopen safely, get kids back in classrooms

We make note of the column and editorial cartoons on this opinion-editorial page as we espouse that public schools do their best to reopen and get students back in the classroom — safely amid this pandemic.

Fact is, at-home instruction is not as effective.

Ask any teacher.

Too many kids — and their parents — don’t pay attention. Kids get behind.

We’ve spoken to some teachers and they tell us some kids are failing because their attention is not “in school” but rather, whatever is on TV or on their cellphone.

Mom and dad — and especially the many single parents out there — have to make big sacrifices to keep their kids at home and “in school.”

Sure, some are very good at it.

They set strict rules for their kids and enforce those rules.

Other? Not …

Most of the schools in our region have the kids back in class.

That needs to occur elsewhere, namely the bigger metropolitan districts.

We’re making strides against COVID-19.

Yes, it is and will continue to haunt us.

But vaccines are on the way, albeit slowly.

Many parents say their kids are sufffering academically — and others say they’re even being damaged — by attending school from home.

It can be safe. Many schools are proving it.

Studies show children are less likely than adults to have symptoms, while early studies suggested those under age 10 are less likely to be infected with and spread the infection. But schools still need to plan for exposures.

Here is a segment of the CDC guidelines on kids and school: “Children with symptoms of an infectious disease should not attend school, but the length of time the child should stay home depends on the most likely etiology of illness (COVID-19 or not). Return-to-school policies for children with COVID-19 should be based on CDC’s recommendation for discontinuation of home isolation. A negative test or doctor’s note should not be required for return to school upon completion of the 10 days of isolation with improvement of symptoms.”


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