Working together brings solutions

A formal public safety building in or around Jersey Shore makes sense, provided it can be adequately funded without too heavy of a tax burden on citizens and property owners.

The Tiadaghton Valley Regional Police is one of the true success stories of regionalization of services.

The force provides police services via intergovernmental agreements with Jersey Shore and Porter Township as the charter municipalities.

The TVRP also provides patrols for Nippenose, Piatt,Cummings and McHenry townships in Lycoming County.

We’re confident to say the cost per capita for police services in those communities is well worth the investment vs. what it could cost if each municipality had its own police force.

Meanwhile, discussions are underway with Jersey Shore Borough to build a joint station/space to serve both the Tiadaghton Valley Regional Police and Citizens Hose Co.

Should all involved come to an agreement, they would occupy one building to serve the greater communities.

It also means that the regional police might move away from its plan to build its headquarters on a vacant property already in its possession.

What makes it good sense is that, as Cody Hoover, borough manager, pointed out, it will increase the capacity to work together.

There’s a lot to appreciate about working together.

Collaboration often leads to solutions, and in these times, we need creative solutions in our communities.

We’re eager to learn more about these potential developments and want to offer support to the decision-makers.


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