Better days are ahead

We’ve often said that hope is the air we breathe.

Perhaps we need to add this: Hope is the vaccine we all get.

It has been a long, long year since COVID-19 came a knockin.

Many of us now spend our days trying to breathe that hope. At least we should be.

We should be hopeful as a way to honor those who we have lost … and pay homage to those who are fighting to get us all out of the pandemic.

This coming week, your community newspaper, The Express and its web site at www.lockhaven.com, will fill most of its print and online pages with hope — and hard work!

We bring you our annual Progress editions, with this year’s theme: Better Days Ahead.

Indeed, from Tuesday through Friday your community newspaper will feature the businesses, institutions and organizations we rely on to keep our lives hopeful … and productive.

It is an honor to spotlight so many wonderful people who work hard to bring you products and services to enrich your life.

They help to create and sustain the opportunity and hope that we all crave.

Oh, what a year it has been.

And boy, what a better year it’s going to be!

Please take time to read through the many pages of stories and photos we will bring with each edition March 16 through 19.

You may learn about some new businesses, products or services you’ve been looking for, as well as appreciate existing businesses and organizations who’ve been here all along.

And as always, we encourage you to “Shop Local” to support the hard-working women and men who make our part of the world a special place.


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