Let’s clean up our act

If you’re driving around Lock Haven on Friday you should see an army of people cleaning up the streets and sidewalks.

We see that happen in various communities in our region where residents take their stewardship seriously.

This particular cleanup — on a weekend — is in recognition of Earth Day, which is being celebrated pretty much all this week.

We know other communities are conducting clean ups. Way to go!

And this particular effort is quite something.

More than 50 volunteers have signed up to help Downtown Lock Haven Inc. and the Susquehanna Greenway Partnership celebrate a clean up our environment by working together to pick up litter and debris.

Today’s clean up in Lock Haven is being mirrored in several other communities up and down the Susquehanna River, Williamsport and Lewisburg included.

Meaning that several of our Susquehanna Greenway RiverTowns are celebrating Earth Week — April 17-25 — with cleanups, plantings, and other activities.

SGP is helping to spread the word on these efforts so that volunteers can join in on the fun and give back to their communities.

If you’re reading this and want to help, find the army downtown.

Or just go do it on your own.

We all must show responsibility to our environment — to Mother Earth — and be good stewards of our land, air and water.

How frustrating it is to see the debris lining some of our roads when snow melts each spring.

How frustrating it is to watch a motorist sitting at a red light open their car window and drop a fast-food soft drink container — or food wrapper — onto the street and simply drive away.

We all know it happens way, way too often — the sign of laziness by people. Frankly, it’s a crime.


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