Farm markets a great asset and benefit!

Running out to the grocery store for ingredients for dinner?

How about some produce?

A quick bite to eat?

Or drink?

Why not think about — and go to — your community farmers market, where you can typically buy local or regionally grown vegetables, honey, produce and more?

In this case, Market Village on Main, now frequented by more vendors than in decades in Lock Haven, is gracing our downtown on Saturdays.

Congratulations to The Titan Market at Bellefonte, which just hosted its first-ever Arts Festival.

We’re sure there are people who miss the farmers market at the Clinton County Fairgrounds.

There’s a real good one at Home Depot (North Atherton) outside State College.

Downtown Williamsport’s Growers’ Market just off Hepburn Street at Little League Boulevard will “wow” you.

There’s the Jersey Shore Farm Market just off Route 44 south of Jersey Shore.

Boalsburg has its own, now in a parking lot in downtown or in the church nearby in cold weather.

Millheim. Pine Grove Mills. Centre Hall. Montoursville (Route 87). Lewisburg. Mifflinburg.

There are so many markets dotting our beautiful countryside.

And don’t forget the wonderful farm markets that are privately run by farmers on or near their properties.

Our Amish neighbors certainly know their vegetables and produce!

They operate among the most robust roadside stands in the region.

Oh, and how we’d love to see more farm-to-table here, whereby locally grown food is served at restaurants and in schools.

The craft brew pubs certainly promote brewers in the region.

Folks, we’re closing in on August.

Harvest time is underway.

Our hardworking farmers and homesteaders deserve your attention.

The farmers markets will only get better!


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