So glad LHU will bring students back!

It will be refreshing this late August to see the return of students to Lock Haven University to fill the dorms, attend classes and campus and community activities.

Last school year — indeed, this whole past year — has been a difficult time as most students left campus and did not return due to the pandemic.

LHU just announced the planned return of students, saying classrooms will be at full capacity this fall at its main campus in Lock Haven and at its Clearfield campuses.

Masks will not be required, but they are recommended for those who are not fully vaccinated.

“All students, faculty, staff and campus visitors who are fully vaccinated and wish to continue to wear a mask on campus are welcome to do so. Social distancing will not be required, but recommended whenever possible outdoors or indoors,” the school said this week.

Good advice, for sure.

The university will, as they say, take it one day at a time.

“Masking remains required for passengers on the LHU Trolley and inside the LHU Health Center, regardless of vaccination status. Masking is not required outdoors on campus, but large gatherings may require additional review and event-specific adherence to CDC guidance,” school leaders decided.

The school will make testing for the virus voluntary and available to all students, faculty and staff.

If LHU experiences a significant rise in infection rates, the university said it “will pivot as necessary to help safeguard the campus and surrounding community.”

No, we don’t want to wish summer away, but we’re looking forward to having students back on campus and in town after an awful year.

By the way, we love LHU’s newest marketing themes: “Small. Personal. Affordable.”


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