50 years of ‘Ya gotta’ Regatta

It takes a lot of caring, committed and hard-working people to keep a huge event like the Lock Haven Area Jaycees Labor Day Regatta going year after year.

But that’s just what has happened as this community marks the 50th annual Regatta this coming weekend. (Mother Nature will permit it!)

With those Jaycee volunteers are sponsors, donors, businesses that support the Jaycees and event with money, services or space for storage, vendors who come every year, the City of Lock Haven and Woodward Township and local fire companies with their support, Clinton County, the Clinton County Community Foundation and many others.

The Delaware Valley Outboard Racing Association and American Powerboat Association sanction the racing and make it happen.

As we have seen and learned over the years, the DVOR and APR are made up of a lot of wonderful people — families — who are passionate about speedboats.

Because of them, the competition during the Regatta is top notch nationally.

Yes, think of it: Our area has been named the best powerboat racing site in America! A tribute to all who work so hard to make it happen!

Locals operate the carnival ride-food-arts-and-crafts midway, where thousands of kids — old and young — have enjoyed rides, games and food over all of these years.

They’ve made memories!

Emergency responders stand watch to make sure everyone is cared for if problems arise.

Great peace of mind!

In other words, it takes a lot of people, time and energy to have this much fun!

Jaycees: You know who you are.

You know you’ve served in the past and perhaps support the club and event in some way to this day.

ALL who are connected to this event are to be congratulated.

A community of like-minded people who work together for the enjoyment of others can be a powerful force.

On behalf of the community, THANK YOU!


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