The benefits of public-private partnerships

We want to offer a big pat on the back to officials, volunteers and especially participating businesses in Bellefonte for agreeing to invest in a temporary ice-skating rink in Talleyrand Park perhaps as early as this winter.

Local businessman Mark Dello Stritto told Bellefonte Borough Council recently that a non-refrigerated 40-foot by 60-foot rink would be placed in Talleyrand Park, next to the gazebo, and should last approximately five to six years.

No question, it would be a draw to downtown … as Bellefonte and other communities who have parks in their downtowns count those parks as among their most important community assets.

Dello Stritto said a group of business sponsors will buy the rink and donate it to the borough.

Bravo to the businesses and individuals who are stepping up!

The borough will set it up and do maintenance.

Congratulations to borough officials for working with the businesses to make the rink a reality.

Of note, Dello Stritto said there are no plans to offer skate rentals or concessions at the rink.

“The business owners involved in this project share a vision for bringing something new and special to our community and are making generous investments to make it a reality,” said Dello Stritto. “From the start, this group of businesses has been fully on-board and enthusiastic about adding a little extra charm to downtown Bellefonte during the winter.”

These rinks are not cheap.

And the beauty of this endeavor is that it’s a public-private partnership,where both parties make investment.

Borough manager Ralph Stewart put the “ice on the rink” with this statement: “I think the idea of having a skating rink in Talleyrand Park is a great idea. It gives people something different to try while they are here, they can go for a cup of coffee or hot chocolate afterwards. We are looking forward to having it.”


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