Be grateful; have empathy

We ask you to consider the above headline in the face of challenge for all of us to overcome this God-awful pandemic.

Those who regularly read the obituary pages of this newspaper and other newspapers plainly see that the ages of those who we are losing are younger. That can’t be argued.

What’s it mean?

It means taking precautions to protect your health and prevent disease should be priority number one in the New Year and certainly beyond.

AND protecting others.

Harping too much on this pandemic, you say?

The reality is our New Year will continue with the fight — and loss. That’s not a political statement.

It is today’s reality. Yea … sorry to start the New Year on such a somber tone.

But surely we all can hope. And we all have a role to play in taking care of our families, our friends, our neighbors and our communities.

We all can and must be a part of getting back to normal … and really, making a new normal.

The Express received a letter to the editor recently that’s been on our mind and troubling us, to be honest.

The letter writer tried to make an analogy between getting an abortion and not getting a vaccine against COVID … or any vaccines for that matter.

Here’s what the writer said:

“When you have an abortion, you kill a baby. When I refuse a shot, I don’t hurt anyone.”

While abortion does kill the unborn, the second part of that statement, folks, is not grounded in reality as countless deaths have played out the last two years and so many unvaccinated people have died and infected others, who also have passed.

It is just this kind of thinking we must overcome in order to find our new normal.


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