Grading our testing

One local pharmacy had a double virus test kit for $25.

Another had a double test kit for $23, with supplies running low.

A third had a single test kit for $15, also with supplies running low.

A fourth pharmacy was out of test kits.

All within an hour’s time in one day.

All in a scramble to find a handful of kits to buy because some family members had been exposed to COVID — or Omicron.

That’s the story just shared with us by a loyal reader.

The free test site in the East Campus of Lock Haven University — the old high school gym with an entrance on West Main Street in Lock Haven — is busy.

Very busy.

Busy enough that it closed one if not more days this past week because it had “reached the allotted maximum capacity,” the Clinton County Department of Emergency Services announced.

The site is still in operation on a somewhat limited basis as the virus continues its spread in our area, mainly to people who are unvaccinated.

Essentially two years into a pandemic and finding/having testing continues to be an issue, or rather, a big challenge.

Not enough amid too many people still unvaccinated and an increase in exposure.

Two-year-to-date-how-to-deal-with-a-pandemic grade: D-minus.

Meanwhile, the regional health-care systems are strained.

Some hospitals in the state have received support from the Pennsylvania National Guard as they deal with more patients while also trying to tend to the needs of non-COVID patients.

And this from a healthcare system spokesman: “Simply put, more people want and need care from fewer people, demand is exceeding supply — something true across the entire U.S.”

Glass half full approach? It’ll get worse but it will get better.

Draw your own conclusions.


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