May 21 brings opportunity to vote for Marc Friedenberg


State College

I am glad that we now have another chance to elect Marc Friedenberg. I have met him, and I have been impressed by his dedication, his knowledge of this district and the challenges we face as a nation, and by his willingness to find solutions.

After too many years of public officials playing ostrich and regurgitating old nostrums and talking points it is refreshing to know that there is someone who is willing to try to find new answers, who trusts science and scientists, and follows their advice, and whose goal is to serve his district, not just keep a cushy job as too many have done in the past.

Please vote for him in the upcoming Special Election, which will be held on May 21st, which is Primary Election Day in Pennsylvania. Please note that this special Congressional race will be at the top of your ballot and that, unlike other primaries, Independents can vote in this Special Election!


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