Seek the truth

With four day remaining before the Feb. 18 petition signing deadline, I was made aware that state Sen. Joe Scarnati decided he would not seek re-election.

The official reason given was to spend more time with family.

This seemed, at the time, unfortunate as Scarnati had risen to leadership roles in state government and would have been difficult for Democrats to defeat.

What most folks did not know was that Scarnati was about to fully endorse fellow Republican Herm Suplizio. My research shows this endorsement came with a massive campaign “war chest.”

That makes Suplizio a hand-picked, Republican candidate for the 25th Senatorial District with a great advantage over any rivals.

The only thing that could foil this secret plan would be for a candidate to raise up and in four short days collect the required number of petition signatures to appear on the Republican primary ballot.

This would be an exceedingly long shot against the odds and the premeditated plans of Harrisburg insiders.

Enter Cris Dush. Cris was not intending to run against Scarnati and effectively was intending to not seek re-election for his current state House seat.

The massive support from Cris’ home regions of Jefferson and Indiana counties beseeched him to consider opposing Suplizio and run for the now open 25th state Senate seat.

Perhaps this ruffled a few Scarnati-Suplizio feathers.

I thought it only fair to meet Cris and hear him out. Cris is an impressive man of true integrity. He is a pro-life, limited government, proud 2nd Amendment advocate. Cris has an established voting record, is very transparent and approachable.

He has experience in resisting underhanded tactics on both sides of the political aisle. He has uncovered deception and redirecting of taxpayer money into unauthorized Wolf-established funds.

He does not cower in the face of power. As a confessing Christian he seeks to honor God and serve his constituents.

After my research, I fully support and intend to vote for Cris. Wisdom would have you ignore the mud-slinging propaganda from the Suplizio campaign to your mailboxes.

The appropriate next move would be to ask the candidate to define his own positions not those of their opponent.

Reach out to Cris; voice your concerns. Do your own research and see if you come to the same conclusion I have.

It is time to put on a “Dush Rush” and move this most excellent candidate onto the November general election ballot and then into the state Senate, where his insights and skills can help return state government to the residents and away from the corruption that dwells there now.


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