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We all know this is a big election year. Looking at the signs, listening to the ads, reading the news, etc. can be overwhelming.

Nothing bothers me more than just getting a “glimpse”‘ of a candidate by hearing sound bites or seeing a picture of a “down” moment – and not knowing the whole story.

What was the context?

Who said what?

Is it for real?

Is it true?

When I was technology director in Keystone Central (many years ago now) and the Internet was just being introduced into our classrooms, I remember so clearly how important it was to teach the students how to use search engines; how to look for credible sources; and how to site those sources in their works. Librarians took the forefront in this effort – but teachers quickly became proficient and followed their lead.

Today, with more than 1.5 billion sites on the Internet, it has become increasingly difficult to recognize credible sites in the long list we get when we ask Google a question. Numerous fact-check sites have become useful – but which ones should we use?

Below are a few of the ones that I have seen cited by both the Republican and Democratic Parties:

– Snopes – https://www.snopes.com/

This site, which has operated since 1995, fact-checks urban legends, rumors, and news

– FactCheck – https://www.factcheck.org/

A project of the Annenberg Public Policy Center that checks the accuracy of political statements, news, and claims

– PolitiFact – https://www.politifact.com/

Run by the Tampa Bay Times (which is owned by journalism school the Poynter Institute), this site checks and ranks political claims

– Media Bias/Fact Check

Media Bias/Fact Check News

Aims to call biased or deceptive news and media practices

These sites have added rich detail to many issues I am trying to understand as I make important political decisions. Please write in to add other credible sites to this list.

My Sources:

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